Maadhavpriya Ayurvedic Multispecialty Clinic and Panchkarma Centre had started 9 years ago by Dr. Santosh Deshmukh. This clinic is registered as Ayurvedic clinic in Maharashtra State. This clinic is having outdoor patient department, panchkarma treatments facility and beauty treatment facilities. Dr. Santosh had started his first center, at Ghatkopar in August 2007. For the benefit of society and expansion of his work in Ayurveda field, he started the second center at Girgaon, Mumbai in February 2012, and the third center started at Kandivali in June 2015. His grand success as an Ayurvedic physician lies in his own formulations by deep study & multiple experiments, and also in maintaining the quality and purity of the medicines. For this purpose, he has created some Ayurveda medicines which are available in our clinic.